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Posted by Hiccupsdude - November 2nd, 2013

Hey, whats up guys?
So I finally added another audio track on here, and it's probabably the last one from my domain album that I'm gonna put up.
Most of the other ones are kinda bad and I don't mean transition time bad, it's worse than that.
So I guess that "The Ideal Repbulic" will be my last submission here for awhile, I plan to add something in late December though, so look forward to that...hopefully.
Anyways, reminder: I've stopped uploading art here!
This is because, until I get scouted (if I get scouted), I cannot upload more than 25 pictures here.
So to get art updates go to my deviantart.

Posted by Hiccupsdude - August 28th, 2013

Hey, so I've not been updating here often, I want you to know that it isn't you, it's me.
School has started and takes much of my time.
So...yeah, I'm not dead yet.

Why don't I just stick a sketch to sum up my days at school.

Lack of updates

Posted by Hiccupsdude - August 15th, 2013

Happy clock day!
Though I may not support everything about it, I do think its a good thing to have site specific holidays.
And due to request, here is a special clock day picture (I didn't work to hard on it :/ ).

Clock day

Posted by Hiccupsdude - July 25th, 2013

So, you may have noticed a few of my pictures have gone missing from newgrounds, oh no!
This is because I got this error "Unscouted limit exceeded" and found out that you can only have 20 posts at a time when unscouted.
So I will be cycling through pictures until I have an awesome set of 20 OR until I get scouted.
If you want to see all my pictures (including the horrible ones that I didn't post here anyways" Check out my deviant art here: link

Posted by Hiccupsdude - July 14th, 2013

So, my album Express is now on newgrounds, minus the bonus tracks only available on my bandcamp.
And I've even uploaded some of my art, even if I didn't want to.
So now you have seen what I do, minus future animation/game ideas.
So, let me know what you like up here, want more music, more art, less music, less art?
Then let me know in the comments!
So, yeah...

Posted by Hiccupsdude - March 11th, 2013

Hello newgroundians!
Or, whatever you guys are called...
I am Hiccupsdude! And this is my first news post! (even though I've been signed up for nearly five years...)

So yeah, anyways;
If you have stumbled upon this page, congratulations.
You have successfully found the bottom of the bucket we call the internet.
Not the place of the basement dwellers, nor the place of the so called "odd people".
No, this is the place where someone (myself) makes something, puts it out there, and it is never seen or heard;
But it never stops coming, somethings always being made, something is always going up and it goes on and on and on and-
you get the idea.

So welcome to my hole, wait, let me rephrase that.
So welcome to my domain.
What do I make you don't ask?
Well I make many things, such as music, art, videos, comics, games and maybe even one day a flash animation.

However, rarely have I released those here.
That is what this message is about, I shall try to start uploading things here more often.

And yeah that's basically it.
If your interested in knowing what kind of stuff I do, just look under my contact info/websites and you'll find external links to those things.

Until next time.