So, yeah...

2013-07-14 22:22:16 by Hiccupsdude

So, my album Express is now on newgrounds, minus the bonus tracks only available on my bandcamp.
And I've even uploaded some of my art, even if I didn't want to.
So now you have seen what I do, minus future animation/game ideas.
So, let me know what you like up here, want more music, more art, less music, less art?
Then let me know in the comments!
So, yeah...


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2013-07-15 18:12:32

Thirty one days until Clock Day AREN'T YOU PSYCHED? Also, more art unless you want to get into Flash

Hiccupsdude responds:

If I do any animations, for the time being, it will be with pixel sprites.
And I guess I'll have to do some clockifying of some characters...

Thanks for the feedback


2013-07-22 23:19:27

diggin your tunes bro, keep up the good work!

Hiccupsdude responds:

Thanks, still have my second "album" to put up here, be expecting a few more songs every once and awhile.